What are the requirements to list my car on RideLink?

To list your car with RideLink you must be the owner and registered keeper of the car or have permission from the owner to rent it out.

Criteria for car eligibility:

  • Be a passenger car
  • Have an authorised gross vehicle mass up to 3.5 t
  • Do not have more than 9 seats including the driver's seat
  • Have a UK number plate
  • Have a valid MOT and road tax
  • Have an annual insurance policy
  • Current vehicle market value must be between £1,500 and £100,000
  • The car insurance group should be between 1 and 45, you can check your car insurance group here
  • The car must not be used for commercial transport of goods or people. To know more, click here.
  • Attend basic conditions such as being clean and safe to drive and in good condition both internally and externally.
  • Special case:  If the vehicle has previously been deemed a total loss (Category C or D), the insurance will cover Third Party ONLY. This would mean that any repairs that exceed the cost of the excess will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

ATTENTION: If the owner of the car does not fulfil the stated requirements, the car will not be insured by our Allianz comprehensive insurance policy and the responsibility for any damage during the rental period will rely on the owner of the vehicle. 




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