Can I set a limit for mileage use on each rental?

Yes. You can set the maximum mileage a driver can use when renting your car. After registering your car, you can click on MY CARS select Manage Listing and on the left side menu click on Mileage. There you can specify the maximum mileage per day, week and month.

If the renter exceeds the maximum mileage you specify on your car listing, the renter is responsible for paying the excess mileage fee for each mile driven over the stated included mileage at the end of the rental. RideLink encourages both parties to solve scenarios involving excess mileage on their own at the checkout, having the renter to pay £0,30 per mile exceeded to the car owner.

What if we don't agree on the compensation for exceeded mileage?

In case an agreement can't be reached, RideLink can act as a middle man between the parties. You will need to send a picture of the rental agreement where the mileage excess is specified, signed by both parties, to RideLink will refund the amount to the car owner's account. Please note that RideLink will charge the renter a fee of £10 and you'll receive 70% of the total value for the extra mileage fee.

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