What if I encounter a problem or accident during the rental?

In case you’re involved in an accident, you don’t need to notify your insurance company. RideLink’s insurance will take care of everything. Here is a guideline to follow:

1. Do everything within your power to reduce the consequences of the accident, cooperating to save people or goods involved.

2. If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, you must get the licence plate of the vehicle and the driver’s contact information from the vehicle's responsible and fill in the damage report, that you will find in the last page of the instructions for renters' document. Immediately after, contact RideLink support. 

3. If you need roadside assistance, call RideLink’s emergency number. You can find the telephone number on the rental agreement.

While we dispatch our roadside assistance service, we will decide on how to proceed with the car owner and will explain the excess payment process, if necessary.

4. At the end of the rental, revise the damage report with the owner and sign it. After that you'll be asked to pay a security deposit. If the total cost of the repairs is less than the amount of the excess, all repairs will be at your charge. If not, then RideLink's insurance will pay the remainder.


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