Can I add a second driver to my trip?

Yes, RideLink allows rental cars to have two drivers with no extra fee.

The second driver will only be accepted if:

  • They are part of the RideLink community, i.e. they are registered on the website.
  • Their licence has been previously verified by RideLink
  • They fulfil all requirements of an eligible driver and are qualified to rent the desired category of car (i.e standard, premium, and/or elite).
  • The car owner agrees with adding a second driver

If you wish to rent a car with a second driver in mind, please contact us at and inform the rental agreement number of your rental. 

IMPORTANT: A second driver can only be added BEFORE the rental starts. It isn't possible to add a second driver during the trip since the car owner always needs to verify all original driving licences and documents from both drivers at the car pick-up.

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