How does the insurance work for car owners?

RideLink has obtained a specific insurance policy to cover your vehicle during the period it is rented with us if it fullfils all the requirements to be listed. This insurance cover works in parallel with your existing car insurance (which you legally must have in any case), activating on the moment of the key exchange and replacing your car insurance for the period of the rental.

If something unfortunate happens when you rent your car with RideLink, we believe your insurance policy should not be affected - any claims during the rental are against our policy.

Our liability policy protects you against lawsuits for injuries and property damages that occur during the rental period. Our policy also protects your vehicle from collision losses that may occur during the rental period. Find further detail on our policy here.

There’s no need to advise your insurance company and your No Claims Discount is fully protected.


Special case: If the vehicle has previously been deemed a total loss (Category C or D), the insurance will cover Third Party ONLY. This would mean that any repairs that exceed the cost of the excess will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.


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