How do I edit my car’s availability on the calendar?

  1. Sign into your RideLink account and click on “my cars” in the top right hand corner (next to your profile picture).
  2. You should then see your listed car(s). Click “manage listing” on the listing you would like to edit.
  3. You can use this function to view and edit your listings, make sure you are on “calendar” on the top left hand corner of the menu
  4. Click on the dates you would like to block as unavailable.
  5. Wait for the selected date to turn grey, then that’s it! You’ve successfully updated your calendar. 

Dates that are white on your calendar are available to renters, and dates that are grey are unavailable. You can also adjust your availability by clicking on “change default availability” in the same section, selecting the days your car to be available or unavailable and clicking save. This allows you to set a default, which is particularly useful, if you know your car is going to be available for the whole month!


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