What is the Car Owner Service fee?

You can list your car on RideLink for free. RideLink simply takes a 30% commission of the total cost of a rental (excluding delivery fees), which is known as the "Car owner service" fee. Car owners receive the rest of the share, 70% of the total.

This fee helps us cover the cost of offering car insurance, running our online booking platform, marketing costs, and supports staff.

The earnings will be transferred to the car owner's account once the rental has ended. If you would like to know more on how and when car owners get paid for approved bookings, please click here.

Fuel is not included and must be paid for by the driver.



2-day rental with the vehicle listed at £39/day

Total rental price: 2 X £39.00 = £78.00

Car owner service fee = £23.40

Total earnings = £54.60

We also charge renters a rental fee.



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