I need a car for today! What should I do?

RideLink works with hundreds of car owners who have different response rates, some of which may take longer than others to answer your request. Therefore, last minute bookings may be more difficult to process. It is for this reason that we recommend booking over a day in advance. By booking in advance, you allow car owners to plan and respond effectively. However, don't fret, finding a car last minute is still very much possible!

You have 2 possible options:

  • Book cars that offer Instant Booking!:

Cars offering ‘Instant Booking’ (marked on the platform with a yellow lightning bolt) are cars where the car owner has pre-approved all bookings. Renters can book these cars instantly without having to wait for the owner to confirm rental requests. You will have the best possible chance of getting a car quickly by going with this route! Find out how Instant Booking works here.

  • Follow the normal booking process:

1. Send requests: After sending up to 10 requests using the same message, wait for the car owners to pre-approve or reject your booking. Remember to introduce yourself briefly, and state your purpose for traveling. Most car owners reply within an hour, but it’s important to keep in mind that their schedule may be different than yours, and they might be working.

2. Choose your favourite car: Pick your favourite car from your pre-approved requests to book your trip! 

3. Pay: Pay for your booking to be confirmed and secure the car. Then you will receive an SMS text message and a confirmation email. Furthermore, you will receive a second email with the rental agreement attached inside. You both will have to decide on who will print the rental agreement form and bring it during the key exchange process. The form must be signed by both you and the car owner. This form is needed for our partner insurance company to insure the car during the rental period. 

If a car owner hasn't responded, reach out to other car owners in the area. You can message as many car owners as you like and if no one replies, we can help you. Please contact us for help if the situation is urgent.



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