What if I exceed the mileage limit?

Car owners set the maximum mileage for trips (usually at 200 miles/day).  Since car owners set their own mileage limits, double check what the limit is on their car profile page. You can also negotiate directly with the car owner to extend the mileage limit or be more flexible with it.

The excess mileage costs the renter £0.30p per mile.

The renter is responsible for paying the excess mileage fee for each mile driven over the stated included mileage at the end of the rental. RideLink encourages both parties to solve scenarios involving excess mileage on their own at the checkout. However, in case an agreement can't be reached, RideLink can act as a middle man between the parties. Please note that RideLink will charge the renter a fee of £10. You can contact RideLink's support centre at 

Example:  10 extra miles driven 10 x £0.3 = £ 3.00


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