Am I responsible for a flat tire?

Flat tires fall under the category of normal “wear and tear”.

Normal “Wear and Tear” is a standard part of driving and renting a car.

As a renter, you are fully responsible for a flat tire that occurs during the rental, and any damage associated or resulting from the tire.

If we find that the flat tire is a result of a defect or had been excessively worn out prior to the start of the rental (therefore, deeming the car unroadworthy) then the renter will not be liable to cover it.

Should a flat tire occur during a rental, the renter should contact the RAC, as part of our breakdown policy, and together with the car owner decide how to proceed.

If decided that a repair is needed, the renter is responsible for the replacement of the damaged tire. In the case of flat tires during the rental, the renter must always get the approval of the owner for a replacement tire, and the replacement tire must be of equal or superior quality.

If you need roadside assistance during the car hire, please check our breakdown policy, which contains all the required information you need to get you back on the road.


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