Do I have to pay a Security Deposit when renting a car?

Yes, a deposit equal to the insurance excess is required. This is £750 for drivers 24 years old and under, and £500 for drivers 25 and over.


How is the deposit taken and when will I have it refunded?

Once you have paid the deposit it will be held rather than captured for 6 days. For credit cards this gives us the authorisation to charge the amount later, without taking any money. For debit cards, this locks a certain amount of money in your account, but does not transfer it out of your bank, though depending on your bank, this can look like a withdrawal. For this reason, we do recommend using a credit card when booking, though both continue to work.

If the rental and revision period (2 days after rental) completes within these 6 days and no claim has been reported, the deposit will be released without capture. If the deposit is not yet released and the 6 days have passed, it will be captured. This may show on your statement as a charge.


The reason it is captured after 6 days is to allow for renters to use the same deposit if they book another vehicle, rather than wait for it to reach their account and make the payment again. Once captured, it will be held for 3 days and then refunded to your account if you haven’t made another booking. If you’d like the deposit to be returned sooner, just give us a call or send an email to once the rental has completed and we can look into manually refunding immediately once we have confirmed with the owner that there is no claim to report.


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