How do I use the search filters?

Make a search by going to our homepage and enter the dates of your trip and the location where you would like to pick up the car or have it delivered. For best results always use a full UK postcode.

After your first search, you'll be able to select the time of start and end of the rental, and you can filter by:

  1. PRICE: you can select a maximum price you are willing to pay by moving the sliding scale up
  2. TRANSMISSION: you can select either automatic or manual transmission
  3. VEHICLE MAKES: you can select from over 50 different vehicle makes
  4. FEATURES: select the features that you want in the vehicle e.g. GPS
  5. AGE & EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: select the vehicle category, from Standard to Elite. If you're aged under 28 this filter can help you to easily find the vehicles you can drive according to our category restriction depending on the driver's age and driving experience.
  6. MILEAGE LIMIT: you can select a mileage limit based on the distance you are planning to travel by moving the sliding scale up
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