Under what circumstances could I be denied insurance coverage?

The Owner may forfeit his/her car's custom insurance coverage if:

  • Your car does not fulfill the compulsory routine inspection requirements (MOT) and you have lied to RideLink about this fact, or any of the other elegibility requirements for your car to be on the platform
  • You do not perform the verifications of the renter's documents that are on your hands to revise during the key exchange. You will always need to check: driving licence of the driver (taking into account their age and years of experience of the driver) and the credit/debit card, that needs to be in their name
  • You do not complete and sign the rental agreement with the renter both before and after the rental
  • You make a false insurance claim
  • You report an incident to RideLink more than 24 hours after the end of the rental
  • Your car is not insured, at least with a third party liability coverage
  • You accept a payment of all or part of the rental fee out of the RideLink website
  • You accept a rental extension without logging it on the RideLink website
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