What to do if the renter is late at the return of the car?

If a renter is late regarding the agreed time of return of the car, car owners need to contact the RideLink support team to inform about the situation. In case the renter has not issued an extension of the rental period and their delay exceeds 90 minutes, the car owner will have to contact the police to report the theft of the vehicle.

In any of the previous cases, car owners will have the right to request a Late Return Fee. To request it they must send an email to within 24 hours of the scheduled end of the Booking identifying:

  • Name of the renter
  • Copy of the Rental Agreement signed by both parties with the time the vehicle was returned. If the renter disputes the timing, he should provide evidence indicating when the vehicle was actually returned.

Financial compensation for car owners

We understand that a late return of a car can affect negatively to car owners, and that is the reason why we set on our policies that the renter will have to pay for a Late Return Fee to the car owner, if requested by the car owner. The amount of the Late Return Fee will be calculated depending on the case:

Late Return Fee = 25% of the daily rate of the Vehicle at the time of the Booking Confirmation, prorated for the length of the Delay Period and rounded up to the next whole hour, up to twice the daily rate per day of delay.

Check out examples of implementation of the Late Return Policy for renters here. 

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